I was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I made a workshop with Rita Brañas and Silvia Flichman since I was 5 years old. Then I met Victor Chab, and I attended his workshop from 2012 to 2016. In 2022, also participated on a workshop coordinated by Ernesto Ballesteros. I participated in the clinic workshop with Leila Tschopp. My work is part of national and international private collection (Scotland, France, Switzerland, Austria, United States, Venezuela.


I live and work in Buenos Aires.



2023. Second award on the National hall Bahia Blanca

2023. Seleccionada en el Premio Itaú Visual Arts

 2022. Selected in the provincial hall Molina Campos, Buenos Aires.

2022. Selected in the central bank of Argentina

2022. Selected in the Premio Itaú Visual Arts

2021. Selected in the Fundación Osde

2021. Selected in the Litoral Hall, Argentina

2021. Selected in the 64ª Hall of art Manuel Belgrano

2021. Seleccionada en el 12ª Award Itau Visual art

2019. Second Bienal Federal Award, Argentina

2019. Molina Campos provincial Hall - 'Honorable chamber of senators of the Province of Buenos Aires' Award

2019. Selected in the provincial hall of Buenos Aires young art.

2019. Selected at the Junin Visual Arts, MACA Museum, BsAs

2018. Scolarship for formation, by the national fund of arts, Argentina

2017. Second Prize, in Espacio Cabrera, BADA, BsAs

2016. 1st Prize Art Vittal Foundation

2012. National Salon and national contest of drawing, painting, engraving and sculpture, organized by UMSA and FUNDEJUS.



2022. Conciliatory analysis, instalation in Espacio Belgrado. Curatorial text by Andres Labake.

2019. Any resemblance to reality. Espacio Ftalo, BsAs

2018. Second Ecosystema, Gallery Entre Lineas, curated by Roberto Peyote, Bs.As.

2017. Interruption, Gallery Modos, Bs. As, Argentina

2012. Cultural Center of the party of Esteban Echeverría, 'El Telégrafo'. Bs. As., Argentina

2010. Central Library of the National School of Lomas de Zamora. Bs As. Argentina

2010. 'Naturaleza Plena' exhibition in the Apple of Lights. Bs As. Argentina



2023. Barrakesh, with Samantha Abugauch and Agustina Roca, Aura virtual gallery

2023. Grasa Collection, Grasa Gallery

2023. MAPA fair, BsAs

2021. Interstices with Torcuato Gonzalez Agote, Julieta Oro and Pablo Houdin, Cruda Gallery, BsAs

2020. 2 0 2 0. Cruda Gallery, BsAs

2015. Liliana Rodriguez Gallery. Capital Federal, buenos Aires., Argentina

2013. Daniel Rueda Gallery. Mendoza Argentina

2013. EGGO, Recoleta Cultural Center. Bs.As., Argentina

2013. Aldo de Sousa Gallery. Bs.As., Argentina

2012. EGGO, Recoleta Cultural Center. Bs.As., Argentina

012. Mariano Moreno Cultural Center. Bs. As. Argentina.

2012. Boutique, San Telmo, Bs. As., Argentina

2012. Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, Bs. As., Argentina

2011. Arteff, San Telmo, Bs. As., Argentina

2011. Ophelia home theater, Palermo. Bs. As., Argentina

2010. Association of Friends Museum of Fine Arts

2010. Central Library of the National School of Lomas de Zamora with 32 artists. Bs As. Argentina.

2009. Exhibition at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center.

2001. Telegraph, Cultural Center of the Party of Esteban Echeverría. Great mountain. Bs. As.